Frequently Asked Questions


Dress Code

Shipboard dress is casual during the day. Shorts and tasteful T-shirts are acceptable even in the dining room. At dinner, dress codes will vary daily, among the following:

Casual: Slacks and sport shirt for men (no jeans); slacks and blouse, sundress or pantsuit for women. Informal: Jacket with or without tie for men; dress or pantsuit for women.

Formal: Dark suit or tuxedo for men; evening gown or cocktail dress for women. Most 3- and 4-night cruises have one formal night; most 7-night cruises have 2 formal nights; most 10-night cruises have 3 formal nights, and so on. A dark suit and tie is acceptable attire for formal night on all ships. (In other words, don't buy a tuxedo for a single cruise).

What to Pack

Being comfortable is a top priority during your cruise vacation -- casual resort wear is the standard daytime attire for most cruises. It's best to bring a variety of footwear choices including low-heeled shoes for walking on deck, sandals for beach excursions and a pair of dress shoes as well.

You'll also want to think about the kind of shore excursions you want to participate in and pack accessories, where appropriate, such as hiking boots, binoculars and snorkel gear. Depending on when you travel, you may also want to pack a sweater or light jacket for cooler nights.

Remember to pack all of your medications, prescription or otherwise, in a bag you can carry onto your flights. A hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are all necessities for sunny days on the ship.

Smoking Policies

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas, including several bars and on the designated side of the outdoor pool deck areas, and is at no time allowed in dining rooms or in the main show lounge. Smoking in all cabins is discouraged, and smoking on cabin balconies is prohibited.

Travel Insurance

An illness, an accident or an unexpected situation can arise before or during any type of vacation. Such an event might cause you to cut short your cruise or cause your trip to be canceled altogether. Because a cruise is a significant investment, TravelGroup offers insurance to protect passengers from financial loss in the event of an emergency. For details and group rates please ask your TravelGroup agent.